Harp Music


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For some reason I can't think of a single time I've ever knowingly listened to harp music by itself before. It's just one of those instruments that doens't get a lot of attention on its own I guess. I found some videos on YouTube and I have to say it's a pretty nice sounding instrument.

For example...

YouTube - Cantina Band from Star Wars on harp

YouTube - Harp Pachelbel Canon in D

YouTube - "Lothlorien" on Harp

YouTube - Me playing Stairway to Heaven on Harp

It looks impossibly hard to learn. I definitely have respect for people who can pull it off.

So, does anybody here play or know anybody who can play?


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I know people who play it, usually from the orchestra that back us up when we do classical pieces. Much as I like its sound, it's not the instrument I prefer to master because it isn't something you can bring anywhere to play. :lol:


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It's about the size of a small car from what I can see in those videos. :lol:

That's a good point. It would be difficult to transport unless you had a truck or van. (Unless they come apart easily, which I doubt)


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They have a special casing. For some harps you can remove the feet, that's just about how far you can get to making it smaller haha). My friend has a big car and transports it that way. Some smaller harps do fit in the back of the car (including passenger seat). If you have the big thing, you need a van.

That's why in times like this, you'd prefer another string instrument like a guitar.


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I love harp music and have a cd with songs sung by a woman who plays the harp.
I actually went to her workshop (she and her husband design and make harps) and got to play on one of the harps. It is a magnificant instrument and anyone can learn how to play on it.
There are 22 strings (I don't know if that's standard or not) in the harp each string representing a letter of the Hebrew alpha-bet. She explained that there's a legend saying that King David played the harp while he was sheparding (before he was king) and he'd put his ear to the harp while he strummed the strings ever so slightly so only he could hear the melody he created.
We tried that ourselves and put our ear to the harp and just touched the strings ever so slightly and it was really amazing to listen to the music we created.


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What I find much more fascinating than the music are the faces of the musicians. that has always captivated me the most in music.


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It's a beautiful sounding instrument. I'm sure they're really expensive and probably hard to learn. I'm not sure where you would be able to get harp lessons. Really cool instrument though.
I like the harp. Funny that you posted this topic as just the other night I was watching a clip of someone playing some Zelda music on a harp. It inspired me to throw some harp into a song I've been working on.