Harold Reynolds Fired From ESPN


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Amidst allegations of sexual misconduct, Harold Reynolds was fired from ESPN this week. A long time commentator and co-host of baseball tonight, Reynolds will no longer be able to baffle us with bullshit about his knowledge of baseball rules. Apparently the fact that his wife just had a baby six months ago meant nothing to this man as he continued to pursue the office skirts after being warned not to.



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That man was a moron. It's guys like him that make it hard to watch baseball games. Whenever I watch the Red Sox, the commentators (Remy and Orsillo) are always great. Then, the few games out of the year that they're on Fox, the announcers suck ass. They talk about everything but the game and pretty much bash the Sox. Reynolds I believe was a commentator once or twice, but even if he wasn't, the thought of him brought about thoughts of over-privileged analysts.

Jungle Jim

It was reallly funny watching him try to make really simple baseball skills look complicated during the NCAA Road to Omaha and College World Series.