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Hare+Guu & Hikaru no Go


Laharl ex

1.) Hikaru no Go

2.) Hare+Guu

Both originated from manga, only Hikaru no Go's ever reached the states. You might find it interesting that Hare+Guu's manga is from SqureEnix.

I know...neither of the are the most mature anime's ever, but they really are worth checking out.

Go see!


A Darker Knight
I'll have to check Hare + Guu out.

Hikaru no Go is pretty cool, and I like it, but it's not like the most exciting thing in the world. How exhilarating can playing Go get?


Likes snow
Why are these together?

I like Hikaru no Go and Hare + Guu, but the two are completly unrelated. :-\
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