Hardest super bosses you've encountered

Discuss the hardest super bosses you've encountered. And, for the sake of the thread let's not include MMORPG super bosses since we all know they'll dominate over solo RPG ones.

I'll list my top 5 and narrow it down to one:

o-- Ozma (FF9) - This orb-globe thing will cast Doomsday that kills me instantly all the time. Very tough because you need to find a way around that. Arrrg! :crystalball:

o-- (Omega?) WEAPON (FF8) - I haven't beat it ever since I started this game. It keeps giving me trouble.

o-- Yiazmat (FF12) - I probably should have listed Omega Mark XII instead since I heard he's harder, but in order to get to it you need to defeat Yiazmat first. I have yet to do that since it kills me super fast without me being able to recover fast enough. This bastard! :bomb:

o-- Freya (Star Ocean) - I've defeated her only because I found that if you stay in the corner and heal your team, you'll live. I listed her not because of that, but because I think she deserves to be up here. The first few times I took her on she kept Petrifying me and I always got Game Over.

Honorable mentions: Lapis (Legend of Legaia) and Shinryu (FFX).

I think I'm going to settle on Yiazmat. He keeps crushing me even with me doing everything right. I think I'll pop in FFXII one of these days to try again. Until then, he gets my vote. :-/

What about you? Which super bosses have you had trouble with or would like to discuss?
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Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon in FF7. Especially Emerald Weapon.
Omega Weapon in FF5.
Black 'end boss' car in Ridge Racer back on PS1 took me a while too, if that counts. :lick:
Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2.
Yiazmat in FFXII was most definately a pain in the ass.
Tyson in Punch-Out had my hair out when I was a young whipper snapper.
Abyssion from Tales of Symphonia made me literally WTF for a while.

Can't think of any more atm. Really though, many 'tough' RPG boss just require leveling up or are long rotation fights but not particularly difficult. I'd have to say Ruby/Emerald are the toughest I've ever faced though as I had no access to any help and I had to try work out the best materia setup myself.

Older games were much tougher imo. They seem to have dumbed the difficulty down these days. There's very few games or boss that I have trouble with, unless I place it on extreme mode or something. Contra 3/4 almost gave me a break down, for example.

Hardest boss I've ever seen would be this:

My list would have been longer with online games included but I'll keep it slim.

Keep up the fun topics, Vilkzor! :wub:
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