Hardest Sport to play?


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Out of all these sports I'm going to mention, which sport do you this is the hardest to play and why?


If you choose one of the first four that I mention, please tell me which position is the hardest to play in that certain sport.

Now I don't want to you guys to say for example Baseball shouldn't be on the list, whats so hard to hit a ball. All these sports are very hard to play and all deserve to be on the list.


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I've played all of those sports, some more seriously than others, and I'd have to say golf is by far the hardest one. Hitting a golf ball is just very unforgiving. Just hitting the ball straight is incredibly hard, but then you have to be able to control the spin, giving you the ability to work the ball left to right or right to left. Then there's the short game and putting, which are a lot harder than one would think.
Why isn't soccer on the list? I think it takes a lot of skill to learn the foot technique, not to mention playing goal, which is my daughter's position on 2 teams.


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I have to agree with you, I've played all the sports that I've mentioned as well, and playing Golf is so hard, it takes so concentration, and you need to measure all the angles correctly, you have to take the wind into consideration, you have to avoid water hazards, trees, bunkers, out of bounds. There's so much involve in playing the game. It's by fat the hardest in my opinion as well.


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Golf requires a lot of finesse, which people often don't associate with sports. Having a soft touch can be harder than unloading 100& muscle onto something.

Out of those up there, I say Golf is number 1, and hockey is second.
None of the ones listed in the OP are all that hard, so I'd say wrestling. I was a wrestler at my high school and let me tell you it is really exhausting, especially the warming up.


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Well it all depends on your point of view, golf and baseball aren't all that strenuous as far as exercising goes and everything else is. But of course golf and baseball take a lot more skill and precision than any other sports on that list.

here are my votes.

physically demanding- Hockey
skill- golf

I just had to vote twice...


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Any of those sports can be the hardest, depending on what you consider "hard". Football could be the hardest if you're a quarterback, because you have to be aware of everything going on around you. You have to make split-second decisions and throw the ball just right to hit your target. Golf requires a lot of skill, too. It takes a long time to get really good at golf and to be able to hit the ball like the best players, years.

Out of those, I'd rank golf number one, easily.