Hardest Punch A Fighter's Got Up From?


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Sometimes a fighter takes a massive punch, and just as your saying 'Jesus H Christ, there's no way he's getting up from that', he somehow recovers & gets back on his feet to continue..

Larry Holmes getting clocked by Earnie Shavers comes to mind.. He also recovered from a similar shot from Renaldo Snipes..
I can also recall Chris Eubank hitting John Jarvis with a massive right hand, and he went down like he'd been shot, but somehow managed to beat the count.. Rocky Marciano got back up from a tremendous shot from Archie Moore, as did Nigel Benn against Gerald McClellan..

Can anyone jog my memory with some more?


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George Foreman nailing Ron Lyle with a big right hand way back in 1975, Lyle had already dropped Foreman in the same round, I think it was the 4th or 5th and was giving foreman some serious trouble before Foreman started landing hooks.
Then one caught Lyle and he went down hard, laying flat out on his back he really looked finished but slowly rolled to all fours and beat the count.

The whole fight was fantastic.

Nigel Benn getting up after being put through the ropes by Gerreld McClellen in the 1st round, he looked out of it against the ropes before he went through and he legs were jelly for the rest of the round.
Shame it ended in such a tradegy.