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Hardest game you’ve finished?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What would be the hardest game you’ve completed? Are there times when you almost quit because you just couldn’t finish a level, or get through an obstacle?


Registered Member
Recently, Dying Light. At the beginning of the game you have crap weapons that take way too many hits to kill a normal zombie, you run out of stamina, the story wasn't great.. From what I've heard it gets a lot better/easier, but then I heard there were all these different types of zombies too.. Gonna be hard to get back into it.

When I was younger it was Zelda, specifically OoT. Maybe it was my crap fine motor skills but there were some parts I just could not beat. I finally did years later and was very proud of myself.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Well in terms of number of deaths, maybe Ori and the Blind Forest. I finished my first playthrough with over 400 deaths, though most of my deaths were concentrated in just a small handful of areas of the game. If the game weren't so fun, I probably would have gotten more frustrated with it and quit.

Zelda 2 took me 10-12 years to finish. Granted, I gave up on it and didn't play for many years before giving it another try, but that's a very unforgiving game, as are a lot of the NES games. Once you learn some of the tricks it's really not that hard, but watching someone play it for the first time is excruciating.


I can't think of a specific game that was super hard to beat on its own... but beating Resident 2 without saving added a super difficult wrinkle.

If a game gets TOO hard I usually just bail. I'm not ashamed to admit that. Haha.