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Harder to coach: College or Pro's?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
In your opinion what do you think is harder to coach? Pro's or College sports?

I know the schedule is much longer in the pro's but please try to leave that out of thought process when you make a decision.



Registered Member
I think the pros are more likely to have prima donnas, but will also have more mature people. I think on average the pros would be easier, but they're more likely to give you big headaches.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
They both present much different challenges, but I'd say it's probably harder coaching in the pros. A coach in the pros is less of a teacher and more of a manager. There are a lot of highly paid, strong personalities that they have to deal with. The competition is more fierce and the pressure to win is higher than at most (not all) universities.


needs practice
I agree with Echoes.

Money changes everything. Winning goes back to money, too. Winning for gobs of money is much different than winning for a scholarship or even a chance to be drafted. Players attitudes toward the game are generally different in amateur versus the pros.

Professional sports "is a business."