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Harddrive Partitions


Does anybody have their harddrive partitioned? If so, how have you divided it up, and why?

I have mine in two partitions at the moment, 100gb and 150gb with the smaller being for windows and programs and the larger being for data. The idea behind this was that if I got a virus it would hopefully only infect one harddrive while leaving the other mostly intact. Once my comp is revived (it's broken at the moment), I think I'm going to change it to one small partition with only windows on it, one medium one for all other programs, and one large one for data. The idea behin that would be that if I corrupt windows in some manner (that's how I broke it this time) and I have to reinstall it, I won't also have to reinstall all my other programs as well.



AKA Ass-Bandit
I have no extra partitions yet. However, when I can, I'll make a partition on my OS drive big enough to fit the OS on. Another partition that fills the rest of the disk will be used for programs/data....or was it one partition for programs and the OS, and the other for data? I'll need to ask my networking tutor what he said about the subject again sometime.

I was also considering making an FAT partition to put my DOS games on, then run them using an Windows 98 boot disk I found. Then I realised that would be harder than using DOSBox.

And finally, if I make a dual boot system with Windows XP and a Linux distro, then I will need one partition for the Windows OS, and however many partitions is needed for the Linux distro OS.
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