Hardcore Alliance?



This past Monday before the hardcore match started between Edge and Mick Foley, Mick made an announcement that he would add another wrestler to the match. This other wrestler would be Tommy Dreamer. Then they both approached the ring. Mick Foley and the Innovator of Violence got into the ring. Then all of a sudden Mick Foley bashes Dreamer in the back of the head with a barbed wire-covered baseball bat. Then handed the weapon to Edge and he hit dreamer in the face causing him to bleed. Now at this point im like what the hell is happening I wanted them to destroy Edge! Anyway it ended by Mick Foley giving Tommy Dreamer the Mandible Claw. Then Lita came into the ring and Mick Foley and Lita held Dreamer while Edge gave Dreamer the Spear giving Mick Foley the victory. Then they all shook hands.
What does this mean?


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They will probably have this lead up to a match at the WWE vs ECW special. Maybe edge/Foley vs. dreamer/sabue. that match would be so awesome. Or Foley could be playing edge or vice versa.


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Yeah if they teamed up and then would have a hardcore match that would be crazy. Sabu is sick, and all those wrestlers don't mind to be in a hardcore match. Also I agree it's only leading to ECW vs WWE.