Hard Hitting Signature

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Hard Hitting Signature

Comments and things I can do to make it better please ^_^

Almost 80 frames in this signature. Sorry about the load time. Also I wanted to add more frames to make it run more smoothly but I did not want to make you guys wait five days for it to load. Also sorry about the ABC logo. Thanks and Enjoy ^ ^;

P.S. This took me three to four hours to make
That's awesome! I wouldn't change much, but I think it would look better with the Bills colors instead of the purple.


Very true but I hate the bills and there colors lmao. Thanks for the comments. Rep ^ ^; added!

Edit: Main reason it will stay Purple is it would take me another hour or two to change lol.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
He'll be feeling that for a long time >>;

It's a nice gif with the purple (yay!) and all but that's just it...a gif. Add some pazaz to it by maybe changing the way it's being introduced and how it ends. That scene though...just frightens me, I wonder if his neck put a few discs in it out of place with a nice fracture and such.
this signature was a test I have a huge one that I would love to share that took me about a week to make but it will not fit on any host. Also Kyo you do realize I had to make this gif from a video clip? The art of Gif making