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Happy Thanksgiving


Registered Member
Anyone watch the Thanksgiving Day Parades? I missed out this year, just felt like sleeping in. I guess that I would have to say that I'm most thankful for a great family and awesome friends, certainly not the least of which is everyone who posts here. It's great to come and post about games, ideas, beliefs or whatever- and you guys have certainly influenced my thinking on certain issues. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


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Well I ate too much, but other than that....


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a little belated for me, but Happy Thanksgiving anyhow lol

I worked yesterday from 2-7, well actually got out at 6:30...
My mom and grandma had "dinner" ready at noon so I could eat before going to work...

today had been busy also, went out at 5:30 to go shopping with my mom, and she got herself a 2.7ghz comp for 500 dollars, and got herself and me a Printer/Scanner/Copier for 50 bucks!! I helped her set up her new comp, that was fun :)

I want to take a nap now, because I still have to drive out to the in-laws in phoenix... almost 60 miles away fun fun


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Man, you guys, I'm still tired from Thanksgiving. I'm not really sure why, but I'm exhausted. Anyway, this has been a good holiday weekend, except for the shopping I did yesterday. Wow. Day after Thanksgiving is nuts at places like Best Buy or Circuit City... holy crap is all I can say.