Happy new year?


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Oh no it isn't!!!! :cry:
It would appear that I'm single, and bloodywell staying that way from now on.
2 and a half years seems to be my max and now I've had enough!
I'm not doing this shite again and if I go AWOL it's because I've moved, not because I don't like it here.
I'm surprised, lost, bewildered and intoxicated right now so apologies if I don't make much sense.
Just needed to vent.

This shit all kicked off on the 1st too, double fucking yay! :-/
Welcome to my life!!!


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I'm sorry to hear that, RATTIE.
I think being away from him is the best thing to do so you can have a good think about it. I know it won't be easy living with someone when you've fallen out.

I hope everything works out for you.


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It would appear that I'm single, and bloodywell staying that way from now on.

Bloody good for you, sister.

I'm sorry this has happened at such a exciting period of the year but enjoy being single, have some fun and don't let him effect your New Year celebrations, or what's left of them.

I wish the the best of luck Rattie in your enveavours.


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Sorry to hear that RATTIE,i now its not the best time for things like that to happen from personal experience.
I hope things work out for you,and if you do go AWOL that your not gone for too long.


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I'm so sorry to hear that RATTIE. I'm sending a huge hug your way. I'm sure in time you will find someone that deserves you. But don't rush. Use this time to discover yourself again.


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Hi Rattie, I know you don't know me from Adam, but I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. There's nothing at all wrong with being single, though. I've been doing it a very large part of my 42 years on this planet. Go out with friends, have fun with friends, go out and meet new friends...ya never know when the new ones might become more than friends. :) I'm single in this new year...AGAIN...but I'm doing my best not to let it get to me. Friends ROCK! :)


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Sometimes I wonder why these things have to happen on supposedly good days like Christmas or New years. If you're going to ruin someone's life, at least keep it off the holidays. :shake:


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Thank you everyone for your kind words, I really do appreciate it.

It seems to have been a build up of pressures caused by other situations, not our relationship.
We're trying to sort things out right now so fingers crossed.
I know it wont be an overnight fix but hopefully we'll get there in the end.

I hope we do get things together because I meant it when I said I'm not going through the whole dating/relationship thing again.
No way.

Thank you again everyone. X


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Hope you sort it out,
for the right reasons.
Good Luck! :clover:
I only do things for the right reasons.
I'm just an honest person. :)
I think my last post might not have been worded as good as it could have been. :-/
Sorry about that, I'm still a little dazed and confused.

Thank you for wishing me luck though. x