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Happy New Year 2006!


Secret Agent
Staff member
WAHOO! First post of 2006 Eastern Time! Just watched the ball drop in NYC.

Hope everyone has a good one! :)


Registered Member
I saw the ball drop too from the comfort of my own home. That ball cost a MILLION DOLLARS! :-o

Happy New Year everyone! :)


Registered Member
Happy New Year!

Ofcourse, it's not 2006 yet for me. I've still got a tiny bit of time left. So, do you have flying cars over there?

So, what are everyone's New Year's Resolutions? I actually don't have any. Can't think of anything I could do.


Registered Member
Calling them "resolutions" is bad luck, or at least that's what I may or may not be practicing this year........

Yeah so..... any habits that just happened to have arisen after Dec 31, 2005 will just be pure coincidence..... pure............. coincidence..........................



Registered Member
I didn't bother even thinking about resolutions this year. I guess the main thing I want happening is to live through the entire year and I got that idea from some old guy on the local news today :lol:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'll bet you all didn't know that today is my birthday.

Happy New Year's everyone.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Happy New Year, guys. And Happy Birthday, Steve.

It's kind of scary that the decade is 60% over already.