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Happy New Year 2006!


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According to NYC it's now 2006! Hope everybody has a good one.

Just watching it right now on ABC. :)


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Happy New Year everybody! It was nice seeing Dick Clark doing the countown this year. I was at my brother's place and my brother's friend said that Dick Clark talks like he had a stroke or something. We told him that he did have a stroke and he never knew he had a stroke.


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Happy Happy! 2006 already???!!!?

Spent the night at a casino/hotel about 2 hours away. Hubby lost his shirt (OK, kept the shirt but his wallet was pretty empty)! I however (FINALLY) came home with $4.00 more than I went with! Yipppeee! Not bad considering we were plain with the bigger boys in blackjack (all the cheep tables were full) and playing $5 slots. Dancing/food/all the NY's party stuff/me kickin gambling butt.....didn't get rich but I didn't come home broke so for me that is winning! All in all a fun evening. Best part.....no driving anywhere!


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Sounds like you had a lot of fun Nanner!!:D

Me, I took last week off of work and had loads of fun with the queenies. Now that I'm exausted, I'm back at work....~sigh~:shake:

Happy New Year to everyone!!


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Sounds like that was fun Nanner. I would of loved to of joined you. I usually have good luck at the casinos.

Happy New Year everyone!!


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Thanks guys! It was fun....until we picked up the kid at Gma's and she threw up Mac/cheese all over herself in the car on the way home. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-o

Wolver I couldn't take you along.....I usually lose so if the normal pattern would have happend then I'd have to hate you if you were winning. Wouldn't want that! :shake: