Happy Mother's day


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I know for some people on the forums it's not Mother's Day, but it is here in Canada. So I just wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's on these forums and across the World. You do a lot of great things, and it's appreciated a whole lot.


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Plans for Mother's Day

My mother wanted us all to take her to the movies to see Iron Man II (That's where we're heading off to now. She's an...unorthodox kinda mother.).

For those who will be celebrating Mother's day today, what are your plans?/what did you do? (To compensate for time-zones)


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My mom lives thousands of miles away and we sent her flowers for mother's day. I will probably be giving her a call shortly to wish her a happy mother's day.


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Mother's Day has been and gone here. My sister had everyone round for dinner. I got her some flowers and some wine. She's easily pleased!


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My dad slipped 20 bucks under my door this morning while I was asleep knowing I had no $. And I went to the store and bought a potted plant for her with a card. She gardens so buying a bouquet and stuff feels like a waste.


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I bought my mom this neck massager scarf thing. It's hard to describe, but you wrap it around your neck and turn it on and it massages your neck.

My family is also going out to a late lunch.


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My mom is kinda Unorthodox like Steg's.... My mom and I ran around Dick's Sporting goods terrorizing the place and taking pictures of ourselves dressed up in hunting/fishing gear and playing with things that are not meant to be toys... Essentially we spent the day acting incredibly immature and it was great. Then we had dinner which was delish.


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I took my foster mother out for dinner on the Saturday night, and bought her the CD she had been asking for. This was shared gift with her kids. I was also going to take her to see The Book of Eli, but I was broke after paying for dinner so we're going to go another week. I didn't do anything for my own Mother, because the dates are different between the countries, and it would be weird.


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I bought a couple of mini rose plants for my daughter to give to my mom and my wife & cards for her to draw on and sign. A gift card for a very nice restaurant for mom. A dozen roses and some camera stuff for my wife. We're waiting for desert at a really nice Italian restaurant (Gratzi!) with my honey & my sweetie :)


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I find it funny everytime Mothers Day rolls along my mom finds a way to make me upset which sometimes lead to fights, and this year wasn't any different. Anywho happy mothers day to all the mothers on these forums...you guys are the best.