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Happy Mothers Day!


what? no pink?
Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies here : ) hope you all had a great one!


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YEs, thank you Moms! Today, my brother and I went to Lowe's to get my mom a rose bush or whatever they call it. So anyways, we were looking for a bush and we were in this section 3 or 4 times looking for one so we went to another section and found a rose bush. It wasn't as great but we grabbed it and was heading towards the cashier but when we walked by the first section we were at, we saw the perfect rose bush and grabbed that one. It was also the color that we were looking for. So on the way home, my brother and I was like that rose bush was not even there and he agreed with me. So we're wondering how it got there. I think that my dad was watching down on us making sure we had a great gift for mom.
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