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Happy Independence Day!


Secret Agent
Staff member
I didn't see a thread for this already.

Anyway, for the Americans here, have a good one.

As for all you Brits... :shifteyes:

Just kidding. Have a good one as well. :lol:


Sultan of Swat
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I was in Florida last year for Independence Day and it was blast, I was totally loaded out of my mind, so I don't remember everything, but when we out later that night people were celebrating just like we do on Canada Day here in Canada. It was awesome to see.

Happy Independence Day!


Epic Gamer
We don't celebrate it over here, but happy freedom from the English day!!! I'm envious...

:lol: Just kidding!! :lol:


Boom Boom Pow!
Happy independence day to all the Americans, hope you have a good day and do whatever it is you do on this day :lol:


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Hey! Happy 4th folks.

Nixola said:
hope you have a good day and do whatever it is you do on this day
Beer, hot dogs, and fireworks. <---what we do


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It's been rather overcast here all day, haha I didn't do anything for the 4th not even watch fireworks, it was just another day even though I was completely aware of what day it was.

Man I've never done that before, now i feel like a loser all of my friends were doing something special today with their families.


I slept the whole day. I planned on just taking a nap, but nope, woke up at 10:30 PM and missed the party! The sandman is now my number one nemesis in life... >:\

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! =D


Band Nerd ♫
Most bittersweet 4th of July.

I spent it with my ex and their family.

It was incredibly fun, but I should have realized that the more fun it got the more depressed I would be because I can't be with them.

And that's exactly how things went. I've been depressed about it all day.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Where are the patriots? :lol:

Belated happy Independence Day to you, Americans. Our own national holiday is coming next week.