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~Happy Halloween~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~

Hi all.

I just wanted to be the first to say it! :D HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :lol:

It's finally that time! Time for ghost, Ghouls, Witches, and Goblins...
Be safe and have fun tonight.

I will be posting pics and a video soon. :nod:

I also wanted to say Happy Anniversary My Love. 13 years today.

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Staff member
Nice. You remembered your anniversary! Congrats on that as well! :D

So when do we get to see all the pictures from your house? :) Did you get the webcam up and running?


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hey nightsurfer, congrats man. you are among the few good men who remember their anniversary:lol:
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Very very very cool! Belated Happy Anniversary you two!

Now Angel I have to find pics of your stuff as well. Hope it's around here somewhere!
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