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Happy Halloween


my bologna has a 1st name
yey, its halloween in the cental timezone...yey us!


Registered Member
happy Halloween everyone here...
we donnot have this festival...but i enjoy your happy~~


Likes snow
Happy Halloween


my bologna has a 1st name
if only i could be as cool as you pro...erm...yeah i guess it seems as though i already am, esp with my really cool costume(avy)...oh yeah check it out!!


Hell, It's about time!
I'm gonna be a pizza man for Halloween. :)

Hint: I'm working.


rainbow 11!
I will be a member of the Arby's staff. :D


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
back at you EA, er, raye raye


It's not me, it's you.
Happy Halloween!

I'm only working 4 hours today, made it up the rest of the week. Going to see my nephew's first Halloween.

Also, I work for a very large company and they have a "Pumpkin Parade" in which all the kids from daycare or associates who want to participate bring their kids dressed up and parade them through the building. They get very creative and even make floats out of wagons. Last year my favorite was "Flower" the skunk from Bambi. It was a small child in a skunk suit surrounded by flowers on their float, it was cute.
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