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Happy Halloween!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Hey you're a few months early! :D That's really cool. Hope you have a good sale. :)

Why did you make the checker board 7x7 instead of the standard 8x8?


Wanna play?
Well, it looked better that way, and I didn't have enough pieces made.:lol:
It actually started out as something different and evolved into this...nice thing about art, no rules.:p


Secret Agent
Staff member
Yeah I was going to say, those are some pretty nice pieces. Very cool indeed.

In fact, I bet if you made a set of just those style pieces you could sell that too. My only suggestion for an actual checker board only version would be to also make a few pieces that you could put under the pieces if they become "king" by getting across. I think there are a lot of people who are fans of checkers who would like a custom set.

Definitely has potential for more money if you made more. :)


what? no pink?
That is very nice Angel. nice work!


New Member
Agreed. Bravo!:D
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