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~Happy Easter~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.....

So did the E.B bring your little ones and you some cool goodies??..

Kiddo got the Hot Wheels basket filled with cars and misc easter toys..And as an extra goodie for the twerp we added 75 Yu-GI-OH cards..:D

Man we never got stuff like that when I was a kid...:stare:

We got up early and went to the big Down Town Charlotte Easter Egg Hunt...They were droping the eggs from a helicoptor :-o

I hope you all have fun today....

I'm off to go get more coffee now hope you all have fun today.....:D
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what? no pink?
I know what you mean! we never got stuff like this when I was a kid either : )

my daughter got a new pink hoola hoop, the lady and the tramp movie, a bunch of jewelry and leatards for dance class ( they have little dance shoes all over them) and candy and blah blah. Not to mention all the plastic eggs full of candy and misc. items that she doesn't even know about yet LOL they are hidden at my sisters house for the easter egg hunt later.

but that's cool, our kids are supposed to have it better than we did when we were kids :D I love watching her excitement when she gets things.
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