Happy birthday Tucker


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GF is telling me its your birthday old man, so happy birthday and enjoy yourself!


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Happy Birthday, my friend! I'm guessing the timing might be a little off with Xeilo being in Australia, but hey...hope you have a good one. :)


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Hey bro! Have a awesome Birthday! I really do hope the years to come will bring you love, joy, peace, hope and prosperity.
Live on...........live long..........live strong.........likklemore!


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Considering I made his bday thread last year, I'm sure it is his birthday :lol:. But America still has to catch up, they haven't finished yesterday yet.

Happy Birthday Tucker! May you have a great year ahead...twice as good as the good you had this year, at least.


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Thanks, folks. I appreciate the wishes. Xeilo, that's what I like about Aussies and Kiwis - you're always the first ones partying!