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Happy Birthday Swifty Wifty!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Love ya bro! :happybday:

Hope it's a fun one. I hope you pass out and your friends do this to you:



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Happy Birthday George! I know you're not that big on partying but hopefully you still celebrate your birthday with some friends while enjoying a few cold ones.



yellow 4!
Happy birthday, swift!

Brix provided the cutesy name and the cake so looks like my job is already done here. Have a great day punching children or whatever it is you do for fun!


Creeping On You
George doesn't punch children. He carefully, skillfully and creatively berates them with cleverly crafted sentences of death.

Happy birthday man, have one from me!


Registered Member
Oh wow, another birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday Swifty :)


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Happy Birthday, George! Have a great day, man...I hope that it's filled with plenty of video games and partying.
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