Happy Birthday, Love Brix


Sally Twit
So I was playing Poker today and I got to thinking.. What would I do if I ran out of chips? That wouldn't be good.

Brix should reward us for every year we've been here with a nice bundle of chips. How about it, Brix?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I thought it's hybrix's birthday. :hah:

I think it's a good idea. For every year you're in GF, you get a chips bonus. Like an anniversary one. :)


Son of Liberty
The funny thing was the other day I was wondering what Hybrix b-day really was. And I to thought this was a Birthday Thread for him :hah:

but I see where you're coming from. When I was at another forum they gave you 500 "v-money" to use on betting Although there wasnt any use for them in a Poker game instead the idea was betting on who won hockey games. But yeah they did hook you up with 500 for your bday every year. I always thought that was kinda cool considering they dont really cost anything in the first place :hah:
I thought it's hybrix's birthday. :hah:
Me too, haha.

I like it. Even if it's not chips, I mean, you can get those easily just by making lots of loverly long posts.

Or just keep annihilating everyone in the poker room. (maybe chips is a good idea after all, in my case :lol:)


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Here's a thought Bliss...

Win more in poker, post more or create more threads.

Problem solved!


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We probably need to redo the chip system before implementing any system like that. Right now I have like 30,000 chips and there's no way I will ever be losing them all. :lol:


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With all these 100 chip tournaments we've been playing it's pretty easy to go through chips quickly if you're not finishing top 3 regularly, especially for people who might not post as much as some of us. I think a birthday chip bonus is a good idea.


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That's true. I have a ton but I haven't played much poker lately. I think we should add some rooms for 1,000 chip tournaments. "Angry Tournaments". :lol: