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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Ephemerite!


Sally Twit
I totally had to copy and paste your name as I still don't remember what follows 'Eph'!

Anywho, have a wonderful Birthday and don't forget to party!



Well-Known Member
Happy Birthday Eph! I was totally going to post you an Australian themed cake but Blissy beat me to it. You get this instead:



rainbow 11!
happy birthday!



Registered Member
Gosh, that koala is cute!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all. It's so very kind of you to remember me!

Do you have any plans?
Well, there's less than three hours of my birthday to go now, so I think I can look back on it with some small amount of perspective. No, I didn't have any plans, but then all I really wanted was a nice, low key day for my fortieth. I got just that.

I met my lovely wife for lunch at our favourite noodle bar, then had our favourite ice cream at our favourite ice cream joint. Then we went for a nice, long walk and eventually ended up back at home where we watched some of our favourite shows on DVD.

It wasn't remarkable, but it was exactly what I wanted, and it was a day spent with the one person I adore most in the world. That kinda makes growing older a lot easier to bear!
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Free Spirit
Staff member
How romantic, Happy Birthday Ephemerite and I wish you many more.


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My ideal birthday really!

I said it on Facebook but can't miss an opportunity to say it on here as well, Happy birthday!


Registered Member
Thanks, guys! Warms the cockles of me 'eart! Aaarrr...
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