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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Chaos!


Sally Twit
Happy Birthday Marc!!

I hope you have a lovely day full of booze, cake and girls.

Do you have anything fun planned?


Well-Known Member
Happy Birthday Marc, you deserting son of a bitch. Come back to GF and show us some love.


Registered Member
Happy birthday, wherever you aaa-aaa-aaarrre...


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Happy Birthday, Marc. Hopefully you enjoy your wonderful day with friends and loved ones.



Epic Gamer
Hey! Thanks all. <3

As for plans, I don't really have any, it being a sunday and all. Yesterday I did a (charity) zip slide and went for a meal and a couple of quiet drinks with friends. In a few weeks I'm hoping to get a bunch more people and have a proper celebration. : )


Free Spirit
Staff member
Happy Birthday and I hope you have lots more. Did you get drunk?


Epic Gamer
Happy Birthday and I hope you have lots more. Did you get drunk?
Thanks! Haha, no I didn't, it was a Sunday and I had work this morning. ^^

Happy birthday, Marc! Well, for yesterday (sorry)

What's a zip slide, by the way?
Thanks missy! It's one of these:

The one I went on was over the Tyne bridge and at 250m it's the longest temporary zip slide in the UK. (The more you know, zing~!)
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