Happy Birthday Chaos!!!!!!! :D


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Well. Technically, here, there's one hour to go before Chaos's birthday. BUT over in the UK it's past midnight sooooo... Happy June 17th birthday (hopefully I didn't get this wrong... I don't think I did. I wrote it down and everything...)!!!!!! :D


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I want you.

To have a splendiferously mellifluous flatus-o-rama of a day. :)

With my six... foot... spitting image of Longfellow.

Playing Mr. Dodgy Chimney Sweep in your antechamber flue. Kreegah!!!


Move along, people. Nothing to see here.


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Happy Birthday Chaos, hope you have a good one :)

-- AwkwardlyYours, his b-day doesn't appear on GF on the 17th.
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I was going to say his Birthday does not appear on GF. If it is your Birthday Marc I hope you have a nice day. Happy Birthday.