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Happy Birthday Angel!


what? no pink?
Happy Birthday Angel, even though I almost missed it : /

hope you had a wonderful day! : )


Wanna play?
Awwww thank you guys. :) It was actually a pretty quiet day, the boss gave me the day off, paid (thank you boss).
My youngest was away at 6th grade camp for the week, and since my oldest has moved out, it was just me, hubby and my 12 year old. VERY peaceful day.
No candles Andrew, I'm not a sweet eater, so I let Gina pick out some ice cream and she was happy.:D
Geez 38, only 2 more years until I spontaneously combust.:-o

Yeah the big 40 is the one I'm dreading.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I always thought 50 was the one that causes spontaneous combustion. :)

Good to hear you had a good one. Paid days off are always nice. So did you work on art projects all day?


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HAppy Birthday. I do not know you but I still want you to have a great birthday. Have a great day


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Just imagine what you'll be saying when you hit 70 and realize that you've had a big, full life.

Happy late birthday, at least it was quiet, eh?
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