Happy B-Day Jeanie


Gay As Fuck
I'm sorry I wasn't here on your birthday to wish you a good one, so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D:D:D Hey now, older age= better experience, goon on ya Jeanie!



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Swift you beat me to it yesterday with making this thread, I hate you so much right about now:p

I missed telling you happy b-day yesterday, but better late than never right? Tch, your not old...age is nothing but a number, plus who in the world really acts like their age anyway nowadays hm? Lol, I do hope your special day was fun! One of the best presents that you could of got though was maybe a free full tank of gas to take a road trip with friends, atleast I would find that incredibly enjoyable^_^