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Happy 4th guys..........


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Tomorrow is Independence day....and as we are all at the park (thats what I will be doing) or at our friends or even camping....take a minute of this time with your loved ones to remember what this day is all about....
I wish you all a very safe and happy 4th.....

Remember it is cheeper to take a ride in a taxi then in a police car...and while you are saving yourself some money you may be saving a life....Do not Drink and Drive please...I want you all back here safe after the holiday!


Have a blast!!


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Yeah what she said! Have a safe and fun holiday!


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Thanks Trina ..I hope evryone has a safe and happy 4th..


what? no pink?
thanks! and happy fourth to all as well!! everyone stay safe and have fun.

I just went and bought some fireworks for my daughter she has been pestering me for a week now since the neighbors have been firing off all of theirs. so I finally went down today and got some. We shall fire them off tonight because tomorrow it will be probably around midnight before we roll back into home LOL


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~~~~~~~~~~~~happy Fourth To All~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* ***********
@ *********


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Thanks for the fireworks!


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we had a real hot day yesterday at the park...the kids went swimming in the Columbia River to cool down..that was fun for them....my hubby worked Graveyard shift the night before so he didn't get any sleep before we went...so he was CRABY!!! He laid down for a bit, but the park was full of loud people including our kids....I was not much help in that aspect as I didn't want to have to tell the kids to use their indoor voice as we were outside....so hubby was craby at me all day for that...I know he was tired, and truly I was sorry for that..... but these are the days the kids will remember ya know???? So I could not please everyone...what to do huh??? lol

All in all the fireworks were beautiful and most everyone had fun....The best part of the day for me is when it got chilly out waiting for the fireworks me and my daughter cuddled....We just loved that...She is my baby!! A big one, but she is mine!!!

I hope everyone was safe and had a blast!!!



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I had a good time, spent about $150 on the big packaged shows, had a great time.
gonna have to start making listings again.

that yamaha midi flute went to france....