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Happy 40th Birthday Elly!


I didn't know you shared the same month as me.

I hope you have a wonderful day and a dog licks your FACE.

:-o Look at that dog's cute FACE!!!! :lol:

Many thanx!! <3
Happy Birthday fellow Novemberer birthday person!

Have a great day.
Yep, November birthdays rock! lol .
Gëzuar ditëlindjen, pidhi kotele FYTYRËN. I zemërzemërzemër komedi tuaj!

ROFL! Thank God no Albanian is around :sick:

Happy birthday, Elly!

Aww Shweet! THanx!! :D
Happy birthday Elly! enjoy
Konzhentz said:
Happy birthday. Have a swell day.
Thanx guys!! :)

CaptainObvious said:
Happy Birthday Elly! Hope you have a great day!<3
Yep, I had a great! lol. thanx !!!!
Happy birthday Ellikikins. Hope you have a great day and awesome year.

:lol: That picture is so funniehz!!!
Riggs wishes you a happy birthday Elli ;) me not so much. He hopes that you have a wonderful day, me not so much. He sends all his love, me, you guessed it, not so much.
:rofl: I knew that Riggs would wish me all the best!!!!!!!!

Unlike you .... :shifteyes:
Happy Birthday Elly, hope you have a great day and year too. Are you doing anything special for it?
Thanx Lauren. Yeah I partied it up with my girlfriends. It was fun! :)

Happy Birthday Elly!
haha ... .. Thanx Danny!
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It's not me, it's you.
Ugh. I was out of town for Thanksgiving and just now saw that I missed your birthday. I'm so sorry!!

Happy belated Birthday!! <3


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I missed this as well... sorry Elly, but hope it was wonderful Birthday for you!