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Hapland, one of the hardest flash games ever


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This is one of my favorite flash games online right now:


There are three different worlds, which you can access on the bottom of the page.

Basically, you have to figure out how to complete the puzzle by clicking on almost everything you can think of. Just about everything can be clicked, and unfortunately you need to figure out the exact order to click.

If you mess up one thing, you will soon find that you are unable to complete the world. It's really fun though.

I actually found the second world before finding out about the others, so at this point I've only beaten #2. I'm still working on #1 and #3.

If you play this, feel free to post your status. :)


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Whoa, that is a monster. I tried and tried but could not do anything other than wind up smearing some poor dude all over the flag in World 1 (or maybe it was World 2) and running out of guys to light the torches or knocking the tops off things.

That could be a real mind-bender, even though you can figure some stuff out pretty quickly, like how to get the water running in World 2 and some of the wall etchings provide clues.

Some sick puppies wrote those ones ... trying to drive the whole world as insane as they are .... :lol:


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I got through the first one, and I'm pretty far into the second one right now.


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you guys obviously have too much spare time on your hands :lol:

i may take another swing at it, but logic is not my strongest point so I'll probably still just decimate the stick men :)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I actually used a walkthrough for parts that I could't figure out, somewhere around 10% of it.


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I love "point and click" games. Hapland was great, although very frustrating at times. Here is a website that has about 7-8 great pac games that are quite a bit easier but still very fun.


Along the left hand side is grow rpg, christmas tree, hatch, etc...