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Movies Hanna


Well-Known Member
I couldn't find a thread about this already when I did a quick search, which is kinda surprising.

Here's the trailer: YouTube - Hanna Trailer (2011) HD

I really want to see it. I can't be the only one. Apparently it's already out in the States, but it doesn't get released here until May.


You aren't the only one. I'm really excited to see this. It's not out in Australia yet and a release date for this country isn't on imdb so I don't even know when I will get a chance to see it. I'm excited though, the trailer made it look really cool and I love Cate Blanchett.


rainbow 11!
I saw this on sunday and it was really good, really full of action and yet at the same time, my friend and I were laughing a lot.

It didn't help the people in front of us were making funny commentary.


aka ginger warlock
I saw a trailer for this when I went to see Scream 4 and have seen it on tv a couple of times. It does look interesting and I am interested to here the score as I love The Chemical Brothers. I will try to see this next sunday as it is not out until friday and would rather not see it with loads of people around me.


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I have seen the trailer a couple of times and it has got my interest, I will get around to seeing it at some point, probably a week after its release.


I saw this today, it finally came out here. I enjoyed it A LOT. It had such awesome action and a kick-ass soundtrack.