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    I wanted to discuss about Hank Greenberg, I don't know much about him, but what I do know is that he's one of the best players to ever play for the Tigers. He also finished with .313 career batting average, and was a two time MVP and a five time All Star. Other then his numbers I don't know much about him, can you guys tell me a bit more, not just numbers, but what type of play he was.


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    Imagine the fear this guy put into opposing pitchers. At 6'4" and 215-220 pounds and it was not all show, he could perform. In 1937 he had 183 RBI's the third highest total ever. In 1938 he hit 58 home runs, thats when 50 home runs was a real accomplishment.

    Inducted into the service after only 19 games in 1941, he was discharged December 5th. He enlisted only two days later December 7 after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. He was not stateside but served with distinction in the far East.

    He returned on July 1 1945 and in his first game hit the game winning home run. In that same season 1945 he hit a 9th inning grand slam on the last day to give the Tigers a 6-3 win and that game clinched the pennant for the tigers. In the 1945 World Series he hit two home runs and had 7 RBI's

    Those 4 1/2 years lost in the military hurt his career numbers. Still, when he retired in 1947 his 313 home runs was the 5th highest career total at that time. His career slugging was off the chart .605

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