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So I'd like to know from fellow members, when you do have a hangover or eventually get one from a night of drinking heavily, how do you usually deal with it/get rid of it when it appears? So far in the past two weeks I've had one each week where vomitting occurred of course, so I wanted to know what would be some remedies.

Personally, in the morning or before I go to sleep I take an Advil or something similar to help with the headache that will surely come. Usually it works, so I like the method, thanks to my mentor in high school who shared it with me. Another way for me to get rid of hangovers would be to take a nice hot shower or bath to hydrate my body on the outside so it can soak up some liquid, and not the alcoholic kind.

What about y'all?



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i dont expreince much hangovers since i dont drink alot of alcohol...

but if i do i probably wont feel it in an heavy way or bad way , i will just go with it and let it pass easily.
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