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Hanging Upside Down, Inversion Therapy


Free Spirit
Staff member
I have never done this except as a kid playing but have often thought about it. I don't have any serious back problems but thought it might help prevent them. I have to wonder though if there is any real benefit from it or would I just be wasting my money on a contraption for doing so.

Has anyone here ever done that? Did you feel like it helped your back problems or feel better in any way?

How Hanging Upside Down Affects The Body | LIVESTRONG.COM


Registered Member
I did hang upside down a few times during my elementary school years at recess on the parallel bars. It didn't feel bad at all.


Creeping On You
This seems like an interesting idea for relieving back stress. I'd never be able to afford a table like that though. What I tend to do, is lie down, with my back on the floor, butt against the wall and my feet in the air. I find it helps my lower back relax since the muscles that are sore get a bit of a rest. I'll lie like that for like half an hour, watching my tv upside down. Then when I roll back into a lying position on my bed, my back isn't as sore or tired feeling.


I'm serious
I've never heard of this before that other thread. I wouldn't mind trying it if it helps my back and posture, but it seems like an expensive solution to the problem though. I'd love to hear some feedback from someone who's tried this.