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Discuss Handling Break/Lunch Time


Problematic Shitlord
As with any place of employment, my job seems to have problems with people not understanding how a break or lunch time should work out. We have people that take multiple breaks throughout the day or just lollygag.

Do you have problems like that personally or have you ever been in a situation where you've had to talk to someone for that sort of thing?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't take any breaks at work, I just take an hour lunch. I don't punch in or out either and at times I'll take a bit longer than an hour. I just go to the gym during my lunch.

When I used to work at a retail or grocery store I used to take two fifteen minute breaks and a half an hour for lunch. A lot of times I used to cheat and take longer breaks when my boss wasn't in. A lot of people do it when they work at crappy jobs and don't make a lot of money


Creeping On You
Sometimes I'll take an extra 5 minutes on my break, but that's usually if I get caught up in a conversation, or if it's taking me a bit longer to eat something. Otherwise, I stick to the exact minute lol. I have to clock out and then in again for lunch, and I always try to make the time exactly 30 minutes, just to be funny lol. Instead of 1 minute over or under.


rainbow 11!
meh. I kinda do, but it's because I forget when I clocked out. and I'm not going to stand by the timeclock and try every twenty seconds. i go sit down for five minutes and try again. I suck when it comes to 15s, though. they are usually a 20. but they feel like five minutes!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Do you have defined times for breaks/lunch or it can be staggered? The latter is kind of harder to monitor, or enforce rules.

In my job, I take breaks same time as my trainees. The only rule is 15 minute break before lunch, usually around 10h, then lunch from 12 to 13h30 and another 15 minute break around 15h. Everyone follows it except the main trainor who starts later than usual. He won't get in trouble for it unless a representative from the Office of Immigration and Integration stops by and see the session hasn't resumed on time.


Registered Member
There does seem to be some added scrutiny right now where I work. The changed our desks around to reduce talking, and to separate some personalities. In my review I brought up the topic that, as adults, we should have some say about our work enviornment. Anyway...yes everywhere I've worked this has been a problem. I rarely am considered one of the guilty. I may have the occasion day I goof a bit more but more so I go the other extreme because I can be so focused that I don't spend enough personal time and then people think I'm unfriendly.


Sally Twit
My manager takes so many cigarette breaks a day. I honestly don't know how he gets away with it. He went for one between 12 and 1 today and then went for another 2 between 1 and 2. Nobody even comments on it.


It's not me, it's you.
I usually take 2 breaks and then an hour lunch. They didn't really tell me here how long breaks were, but in most places it's 2 fifteen minute ones. I normally just take 5-10. On lunch I usually take about 45 minutes...some days shorter than that, because something needs done and someone comes and asks me to come back early.

There was a lady that used to be here that would take 4 smoke breaks a day (not including lunch). I thought anything over 2 was excessive.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
We are allowed an hour for lunch and that's it. Obviously bathroom breaks are okay.

People are pretty good at taking their hour and getting back to their desk. Sometimes I'll take a half hour lunch and take a half hour walk.


Where i work if you work 4 to 6 hours you get one 15 minute unpaid break.
If you work 6 1/2 to 8 hours you get two 15 minute unpaid breaks.
If you work over 8 hours you get three 15 minute unpaid breaks.
If you work 10 or more hours you get four 15 minute unpaid breaks.