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Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by Kanji, Aug 5, 2008.

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    My mom was arrested recently for using a handicapped parking spot without having a placard or license plate for it that was for her. she had one in her car but it was for my grandmother who died not to long ago. anyway I've been trying to figure out what kind of sentencing should could get for this misdemeanor charge in the state of tennessee. Well I haven't been able to find anything yet and I got to work in like 15 minutes so I thought I would ask to see if someone would research this for me and let me know. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You might want to watch asking people to do things for you.. First it was the myspace deal and now this. google or better yet dogpile are your best friend....

    so basically read this.. Dead man driving? Permit is a fake | Topeka Capital-Journal, The | Find Articles at BNET

    it's not from TN.. but Basically this person used a mans handicap tag that was from a dead man and his prosecutor got the man $4700 in fines and 2 years probation. Although, in Arizona it says that he could have had 3 to 6 years in prison....

    It is not likely on your mothers first offense that something like that horrible jail time will happen, but I will almost gaurantee she is going to get quite a fine. Probably not that much as he had 7 related charges, but I would guess atleast a minimum of $500 with quite a slap on the wrists..

    anyway that's all the time I am going to spend on it, but just google a bunch of different related topics to your situation.
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    Did she plea guilty, not guilty or no contest? If she put in a plea of guilty or no contest it should just be a fine. There could be probation depending on the judge and if it's her first offense or not. :eek:
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    thank you for the info.
    I don't see anything wrong in asking someone for help.
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    you could also search "findlaw.com" they will allow you to skim through specific states statutes and regs.

    I went to look yesterday but lost interest after I clicked a tab over.
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    Silly 'advice board' title is so misleading isn't it.:rolleyes:

    Anyway, it sucks that she got caught, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for her. Handicap spots are frequently taken by those who truly don't need them, which leads to those who are truly disabled having to park further away.
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    oh no there isn't a problem with it, I just saw before where people were riding you for asking them to do the myspace stuff for you, and really I didn't want people to ride you for this too as it sounds like you are asking for people to do something for you versues actually asking for advice.

    Unfortunately it is hard to find much info on this really.

    When is her court date?
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