Handhelds banned by Japanese airlines


Aw, Here It Goes!
Passengers on Japanese airlines, including Japan Airlines and ANA, will no longer be able to use their DS, PSP, or even Gizmondo, on board due to "safety concerns."
A law banning gaming systems with wireless capabilities came into force on Monday, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Japan's transport ministry has concluded that the electromagnetic waves from the wireless networks can interfere with aircraft navigation systems, so it's no Nintendogs for passengers flying with Japanese airlines.
The new law also bans wireless computer mice, and headphones that have not been provided by the airlines, although the use of electric razors, calculators, and cassette players is permitted, readers may be relieved to know.
This is something of a turnaround for Japan Airlines in particular, as this time last year it was touting the free loan of Nintendo DS portables and games to all first- and executive-class passengers during flights.