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Xbox 360 Halo Wars: Halo RTS


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Staff member
If you didn't know, Halo was originally planned to be an RTS (StartCraft, WarCraft style) game.

Now it will be. This is old news, but, I don't remember it being discussed here yet.


Looks interesting. My big question is will it also come out on PC? Hopefully. I've never played an RTS on a console that I liked.

StarCraft for N64 was one of the most annoying games (control-wise) ever.

So has anybody played this game yet? I believe it's out for the 360 already.


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i think noone will like the RTS version of halo. its a good concept but it will never take off.
My Friend has halo wars on 360 and he says its the biggest let down the world of halo has ever seen


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How can your friend have the game when a demo hasn't even been released yet, let alone the full version. There hasn't even been a release date yet, it's not out until 2008 and will probably get delayed.

Anyway, I never pass judgment on a RTS game until I've played it. The biggest problem I see is that the RTS genre doesn't do very well at all on consoles. Command and Conquer would never work on a console.