Xbox Brand Halo RTS



I don't know. I mean, if you released it onto the PC, that's okay. But the XBox? And another nitpick: there are way too many Spartans. There's only like, 500 IIRC, max. But with RTS games, it doesn't matter if something has been stated to only have x amount. You can just make as many as you want.

Of course, some more insight into the backstory of the Halo world would be helpful. I did get to this site through a history forum.


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My two favorite gaming studios just combined to make a game. Im pretty sure as a gamer I couldnt as for much more. All of Ensemble games I love and Bungie I love for halo.

However I am sorely disappointed that its not going to be for PC. I dont even undestand how an RTS game can work on a Console. Unless it requires a keyboard attachment and mousse.


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Well the Xbox 360 can support a USB keyboard & mouse, so they'll most likely keep that in mind when creating the game. Also, we are talking about a company that has created several RTS games since their founding in '95, so I think they have a fair idea of what works and what doesn't when it comes to controllers for RTS games.


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Well can you tell me 1 halo game that either hasn't been ported to pc or won't be soon? It will appear on the pc eventually but its being built to appeal to console gamers. Sounds like a blast.