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Xbox Brand Halo Reach Beta Discussion


Creeping On You
So I finally got the beta downloaded last night and after a couple laggy games, my connection smoothed out for awhile and I got a few decent games in.

Took me awhile to figure out how to use those special ability things like sprint, rocket pack etc. I like that you earn credits by playing, to get newer gear. That'll make me play a lot more.

I love that needle rifle. I used it a bunch, and it just felt nice, 2 or 3 well placed shots and the guy goes down. Once the lag cleared up, it worked pretty good for me.

In the 6 games I played, I only saw 2 different maps. That Powerhouse one, and the Sword one. Only played 2 modes as well. Stockpile and Team Slayer. Umm...I'll just keep my k/d ratio to myself. I did get one -4 game. woooo. lol.

The reticule ain't so bad, I just burst fire and it keeps it smaller and more precise. My normal tactic of running at them while holding down the fire button and then meleeing them doesn't work anymore =D

Overall I liked it, I had fun. If you don't go into it expecting Halo 3.2, it's not horrible. It's a different game and I'll prolly end up purchasing it when it comes out this fall.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I used to CONSTANTLY be on Halo, playing games. After a while of Halo 3, I got sick of playing online, buying new maps, etc. and hadn't played for a while.

I played like 5 or 10 mins of ODST when I was drunk once, it was pretty fun lol but I never looked into getting it.

That being said, I'm here in Tampa Bay playing it with my buddy right now. This game is freaking epic man. I'm definitely going to pick it up once it comes out...look forward to it!!! Love the custom classes during vs games, the new weapons, etc. I love invasion and invasion slayer, as well. Even details like the new size of the Elites are awesome.


Haters gonna hate.
Even details like the new size of the Elites are awesome.
That's another awesome thing. I felt that given the canon for Halo, the Elites were too small in the games for what I (and others) thought.


It's not me, it's you.
I like the new Invasion mode. The only thing I really hated about it was some of the spawning points. There was a point where I was spawn killed several times in a row. They definitely need to fix that.