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Movies Halo Movie


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Although we have seen very few good video game -based movies this one shows some promise with Executive Producer Peter Jackson and Garland who wrote the script (28 days later).

No director has been announced.

Anyone think this will turn into a Doom or resident evil apocalyspe?

Another question are you guys gonna pay 8 bucks to check it out in theaters?

I think Bungie (who has direct control of everything in the movie and are thecreators of halo) won't let this movie be garbage however I have high expectation for this movie and I have a feeling I will be disappointed.

Anyone elses opinions?


I am predicting that there will be 3 factions after people see the movie. One faction will be the people that are flat out fanboys and will insist it's awesome. One faction will be disappointed by it because it somehow won't embody what they like about Halo. The last faction will be the people that will just think it sucks. As for the ammount of people in each faction, that depends on the movie itself. I'm guessing 40%/40%/20% respectively.

I'm sure that the movie will do well, since all the Halo fand will surely see it when it comes out. I for one won't go to see it unless they can make it a good stand alone movie. I persoanlly think that the Halo series is overrated and dont really care for the story. If they can come up with an interesting story then I may go see it, but in order to do that they would end up alienating their core fanbase most likely.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Swiftstrike, I believe there was a thread on this already either in here or in the X-Box section. You may want to look it up. When I get to a computer with a real mouse I will merge them.
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