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Xbox Brand Halo/Halo 2 wepons combos


!sTrIkE nInJa!

so what is your favorite halo or halo 2 wepon combo. mine is shotgun sniper rifle.

SOAD2k8 - changed the subject, tried to broaden it up a bit


Halo: Plasma Rifle and Pistol
Halo 2: Battle Rifle and Needler


Registered Member
In Halo 1 It really depended on what I was up against. Pretty much anything and the assault rifle was cool with me unless I was low on ammo. My favorite combo for taking down the Elites is to use the Assault Rifle with the Plasma Rifle. I use that to drop their shields with plasma and drop them with the Assault.

In Halo 2 it is more a matter of duel wielding for me. Preferably 2 Sub Machine guns with a Battle Rifle for back up. Though with the reworked shield system the shotgun and battle rifle combo is nice for alternating between flood and convenant.

I guess if I had to put it as everyone else did:

Halo - Assault Rifle/Plasma Rifle
Halo2 - Battle Rifle/Shotgun


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Halo2-Sniper Rifle/Shotgun

Anonym0uz Bitch

Shotgun/Rocket Launcher, or Shotgun/SMG. Though it really depends on the stage


blue 3
Oh man it depends so much on who I'm facing.

Halo 2 top three combos

1) Battle Rifle/Plasma Pistole (newb combo anyone?)
2) Sniper/Sword (Or shotgun)
3) Battle Rifle/ Brute Shot (one shot with brute shot...switch to BR...headshot game over.)

Halo 1

Going old school.

1) Pistol/Sniper
2) Pistol/Shotgun
3) Pistol/Launcher


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree it all depends on which level you are on, but to be honest with you I use any weapons that are available to me, and I still finish the game, but some weapons are easier to control then others.


Likes snow
- Plasma pistol and Assult Rifle (Generic)
- Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle (Huge Maps)
- Shotgun and Plasma Pistol (Med-small maps)
- Sniper Rifle and Plasma Weapon (Pistol. or Rifle both work) (Prisoner)

Halo 2:
- Sword and Shotgun (For fun)
- Rocket and Shotgun (for big maps)
- Plasma Pistol/M7 combo and Emergency Sword (Small-Med maps
- Plasma Pistol/M7 combo and Emergency Particle Beam Rifle (Sniper rifle if PBR not avaliable) (for med-large maps)


did you just say rocket/shotgun on h2 for big maps? wow i must say newb...=\