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Xbox 360 Halo 4 Coming Soon


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Source: The Register

Microsoft has said that the keenly awaited Halo 4 will be launched worldwide on 6 November 2012.

The Master Chief's next outing will see MS' in-house developer 343 Industries' raise the standard of "blockbuster interactive entertainment", the software giant said. Of course it will.

Set four years after the events that take place in Halo 3, the new adventure promises to clear up confusion surrounding the fate of the Master Chief and his AI companion, Cortana, pitching the armour-faced hero against an ancient evil threatening the universe.
I am not especially fussed about this, I have never really been into the Halo series as such but I know people on here to play the Halo franchise. Are you fussed about this? Are you bored of the series or can you not wait for the next chapter?


Creeping On You
I'm looking forward to trying the new multiplayer. I got kind of bored of reach now, as none of my friends play it anymore. I've seen some of the previews, and it looks intriguing.


Haters gonna hate.
Well actually A LOT of information about Halo 4 was released last week at the ESA's Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3... No story details were divulged into, but a few key elements were explained!

- It is believed that the campaign will take place on a supposed "forerunner" planet, with new enemies called PROMETHEANS. There will be Covenant (maybe Flood... although not confirmed), but they will not be primary enemies.
- The campaign will also focus less on standard FPS mechanics, but on FPS mechanics with a hint of mystery and exploration.
- There will be standard MP as seen in previous titles, but there will also be a story-driven(ish) cooperative mode called "Spartan Ops" in which you play Spartan trainees that go through trials and tests on the UNSC Infinity (I believe that is the name). It's less of a story and more of a chain of missions much like the coop in CoD, but with a wider range of mechanics and objectives.

343 Industries has been ADAMANT in saying that fans that are bored of the franchise will be refreshed with the direction Halo 4 will be going because it is the beginning of a prospective new trilogy for Master Chief, yet can be its own self-contained story if Halo 5 or 6 is not called on to be made (highly doubtful, if you ask me).

I may not be getting the game in November, but I am looking forward to hearing more.

E3 Demo for the Uneducated Masses (lol)


Hopeless musician
Already placed my preorder for it. I'm personally pretty excited after seeing a demo on Jimmy Fallon where he played through the campaign for a bit, even though he sucked, heh. I got a chance to see some of the Prometheans, and they sort of resemble cyborgs, complete with a human-looking skull inside their helmets. Also, some of their weaponry was revealed, including a gun called a Light Rifle, which seemed a lot like a carbine, but with orange-gold rounds. They also talked about a new multiplayer mode, and the gist of it was that it is pretty much a weekly updated co-op mission, to keep the multiplayer option fresh. At least I thought it sounded cool.

EDIT: Found the Jimmy Fallon segment, even though it's crappy quality:

Jimmy Fallon game week day 2 halo 4 - YouTube
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Haters gonna hate.
I've heard somewhere that the Prometheans, namely the Knights, are actually commanded by the Forerunners? Hard to believe that, but I'll believe it when I see it.

A lot of unanswered questions, and I believe Halo 4-6 will just answer lore questions instead of establishing Master Chief's story... even though that will be told as well.

It's too hard to tell this early hahaha.