Xbox Brand Halo 3 Leaked info and images!



Wow. Those pics look really nice. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of new stuff but the spiker sounds kinda cool.
um...there is gonna be an assload of new stuff. this game is gonna blow every single game ever made + the consoles their on out of the damn water

correct me if i'm wrong in 2007...ha


Nail Grenade... sounds interesting. Nothing can beat the plasma grenades though...


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A man cannon eh...I am getting very good thoughts right about now. What I want though is dibs on one of those swedish magazines or atleast find where I can get a subscription^^;


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The E.G.M article and the 1up site have alot of new information regarding Halo 3. Graphically they said they were not impressed when they played the MP but they played an unfinished product (they havent added all the graphical enhancements yet supposedly). They said it just looked a bit better than halo 2. I would have to agree after looking at screenshots in this months E.G.M. I hope the trailer is an accurate representation of the graphis unlike Halo 2s advertisments and Demos.
they said the trailer was realtime that is what the gameplay will look like or maybe even better since that trailer was so early in the development considering the probable late 2007 release date.


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You hear they are releasing additional Halo 2 maps in the spring. I think that would be a nice addition to a game I still play fairly frequently.

Also the new starting weapon seems like a huge improvement from the SMG. For example the opponent has a sniper and you spawn in his site with an smg. Unless the opponent is bad your likely dead. They said they were trying to eliminate the element of weapon camping alot from Halo 2 by making weapons spawn at different points multiple times. For example the snipers would now spawn 2 or 3 times without the original being dropped by the holder and at different locations.

The energy sword will also have a limit something that needed to happen I thought when the game first came out.


I just picked up playing through Halo 2 after beating Halo 1 again.

I really enjoy this game.

I love games where you can drive vehicles AND get out blow shit up.

Props to SKYNet - the old DOS game that allowed you to drive an armed jeep or fly an armed aircraft.

I loved cannister bombs too.