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Xbox Brand HALO 3 Announcement Trailer


to sell more 360's of course


Problematic Shitlord
JLI said:

I watched the trailor with my brother on Bungie the other day and WOAH!!!

It looks too awsome!
I can't wait to kick ass in it.
My brother has a 360 so were all set. It's just waiting for a nother year for the darn game to finally come out!

Halo IS indeed one of the BEST games ever.
Although it's kinda dumb for the people who don't have 360 and can't afford one.
I wonder WHY they made it for the 360 only?
Sure better graphics.

Ah, well they just wanted more money I suppose so all the Halo fans now have to spend another 400$ on 360.
Why is it dumb because some people can't afford it? Plenty of others can, why impede their own progress because of 'some' people? Besides, it would be stupid to make Halo 3 on the Xbox and not the 360, or even on both systems because it would be pointless. Sadly, a large portion of gamers (mostly casual ones) judge games on graphics.