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What is everyone dressing up for Halloween? I'm dressing up as Tiger Woods. I got the hat, pant, and shirt and I am working on the skin color. Perhaps a tan or some kind of makeup cream. I am not making fun of Tiger Woods in anyway. He is a great golfer and I am a fan of Tiger Woods.


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Some buddies and I want to enter a contest at a local bar as the brothers and Rocco from Boondock Saint, but I don't see it happening.


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Right now I'm going to be a Candy Demon. I will post pics as soon as I finish working on it.
This year I'm going all out! The gloves are off!
I will also have 3 web cams(Screamer Vision) hooked up so you the Board members can have fun right along with us. :D


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I was talking about old halows eve (spelling), and i said i was gonna dress up as a goodforsaken hillbilly. I'ma go all out, letting my beard grow, got some old denim suits torn up and greasy, along with a coon dog of one of my friends down the road. Gonna get me a big brown jug for my "home made boo's" and so forth. (might actually put some in there, woo)


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OH NO! NOT Halloween again! :nervous:

Maybe I should go hide again? :)

Scary scary people!

BTW I'm dressing up as a tired middle aged Mom.........


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I would like to know how many of you plan to scare the daylights out of the trick or treaters cause I am working on a donottrickortreastlist (parody of the do not call list. lol) I brought this up because there are some people like me who has heart problems and what if something does happen and they fall over and die. Will you be liable? Don't worry about me. I plan on passing out candies if I am not working that night so don't worry.