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Free Spirit
Staff member
I guess I'm just going to stay at home this Halloween and watch horror movies. There won't be any trigger treating at my house because I live so far off the beaten path. Might even be too scary for the little ones. No yard light, creatures of the night stirring in the woods. Sometimes making sounds you don't recognize.

Have any plans for Halloween?



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm going to a wine and food show tonight. It's all you can drink wine and champagne from 6:00-800:pm so I'm going to be nice and drunk.

But, I did stop by my brother's house to give candy to my niece and nephew.


Registered Member
Massive party tonight and they setup 2 more huge speakers! :D Im a zombie probaly from another planet. o_O Also I just carved my Jack o lantern and one more for me to carve. This is my first Jack o lantern.
Happy Halloween btw! :p



Registered Member
Didn't do much last night other than watch Mets Royals and ignore the front door.

Not a fan of Halloween. As a kid I was the one who emptied the bowl of candy and took the bowl


Registered Member
I haven't done anything special on Halloween since I was an 11 year old kid, especially considering that nobody knocks on my door saying "Trick or Treat!" as I live in a rural area.
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